Traditional Neighborhood Development and New Urbanism

Culpepper Landing is a Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND), a type of compact, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use community design made popular by proponents of the New Urbanism movement. Like classic American small towns, Culpepper Landing combines homes, shops, workspaces and a public realm of parks, open spaces and community buildings to create a welcoming sense of place.

One of the defining principles of TND design is that the community is specifically designed to be pedestrian friendly. Walking offers numerous benefits to both residents and visitors. Neighbors get to know one another. Vehicular traffic declines because people can go to parks, restaurants and shops without getting in their cars. Streets and parks become safer because of the number of people using them. Children and older citizens, who may not be able to drive, can safely walk. Residents enjoy the health benefits of physical activity.

We've connected the principles of TND design with a commitment to the environment and ecological preservation that provides natural amenities for outdoor recreation and family adventures. Our goal from the start was to create the kind of place that makes you feel good about where you live, the kind of place you've always dreamed about, and the kind of place you'll want to share with your family and friends.

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